Meet Ellie


Hello, I’m so happy you have made it to my photography site, I know the internet is a scary place sometimes and you can feel adrift when looking for the right company to do a job for you. But I promise you that you’re in a safe place and I’m here to help you have the best photography session experience ever!

My name is Ellie, you can see me posing with my camera on the right there, giving you a virtual high five, looking like I’ve got my shit together, but what you cannot see is the faffing that came before the shoot, trying to get things all ready while juggling the kids and doing their dinner. Trying not to look like a hot mess!

( yeah you know what I mean)

Family life is bloody crazy whatever stage you are at, from newborn to pre-teens; and I know from firsthand experience it’s like a whirlwind and sometimes you are hanging on by the seat of your pants, so I’ll take my hat off to you for actually taking five minutes to research a professional photographer!

These few short years watching your children grow into amazing young adults goes so fast! It’s an amazing gift to be able to freeze time and capture the moment; the sweet features and cute smiles and keep them forever in a picture. 

The fact is, that I know you really appreciate photography and capturing memories is so important to you, it is to me too! This is serious shizz and your  phone just isn’t going to cut it right? As a family you want to display your images proudly on the wall and look at them and see them in all their beauty, and this is what I can offer to you.

I endeavour to deliver you a personal service, a little bit of me goes into each shoot. I’m extremely professional but a real person, it’s just me, not 5 different employees passing you around. In a nutshell, the experience you will have with me goes like this:

All the details have already been taken care of before the shoot, I know what you want to get out of your session because we have chatted on the phone, everything is worked out ahead of time. So everyone can show up feeling at ease and relaxed for the session ahead. After portraits are ready for viewing within 3 weeks to a high standard! I’m not a pushy salesperson guilting you into remortgaging your house, I just want you to take home what you want and feel delited with them. 

I would love to get to know you and see how I can create the most beautiful memories for you!  contact me asap and let me get you booked in!

My Favourites

I love coffee

I love My Children

I love Lazy Sundays