The Experience

All sessions for clients who are aged under one are held in my home studio space. It’s created for comfort so as a family you can sit back and relax.

My home studio is situated in Netherhall Leicester LE5 area.

I know from experience that it is hard work to get out of the house in the early days with a newborn or even on time with an older baby. My studio space is created to feel like home from home. You can enjoy and watch while I go through a set of poses, listening to your baby’s cues, letting them lead the session so they are comfortable at all times.

There will also be plenty of time to feed and comfort your baby – I’m entirely baby-led; the baby decides the pace of the session. I have many parents who tell me how lovely it is to see how working in my home studio creates a calming atmosphere for the baby. This helps to get the best out of the session. As soon as you are booked in you will receive a prep guide, full of all the details that are needed for the session.

What happens Next

Ok, this is when the magic happens, I will go away and edit your beautiful portraits into a fabulous collection. So basically, when I say editing what I mean is I will choose the best images to go in the final selection, trust me you won’t want to sit and view 100 images of dad blinking. I have many years of experience in choosing these images and I’ll show you only the best of the best, I promise.

I do a small amount of retouching i.e. small blemishes, however, babies are born natural and this will be reflected in the final images, I love the flaky skin of a newborn so I’ll be keeping it. Collections can take up to 2 weeks to edit, so please be patient while your images are being worked on, I’m adding a lovely Lux signature style to your images making them one of a kind.

When your collection is ready to be viewed I will contact you to arrange a viewing and ordering appointment. You will come back to the studio to watch a beautiful slideshow of your portraits. You can then select the images that you would like and only the images want! You will NOT get any pushy salesman act from me. Just buy what you love and I’ll be there to hold your hand and guide you on what looks great, and you will feel at ease! There is something so amazing seeing your images enlarged on a screen, so sit back and relax and enjoy

If you are still a little unsure have a look below at some frequently asked questions by my clients. 

“What a wonderful experience. We worried our newborn wouldn’t settle but Ellie was wonderful with him- there was no pressure at any point to hurry things along. She had a fantastic way with him and with us, and the studio is just perfect…
John Owst

Questions and Answers

When to book a newborn photography session?

As long as you and your baby are in good health and have passed the 20-week scan with flying colours, you can go right ahead and book your newborn baby photography session.
I recommend booking at this early date as it gives you time to think about and prepare for professional photography. I make tentative bookings that are based on your due date and arrival home with your bundle of joy so you don’t have to worry if there need to be changes or adjustments to our sessions. Whenever you’re ready to go ahead, we can discuss all the details and arrange an appropriate day for your little one’s time in the spotlight.

How old should my baby be for a professional photography shoot?

Newborn photography sessions are best in the first three weeks of the babies life. The reason for this is pretty cute as they baby is still accustomed to the womb position. This can result in adorable baby portraits you won’t be able to get enough of. If your little one is a preemie they’re in good hands, as although I would attempt to photograph them before the three-week mark, it will largely depend on weight and health. I may suggest we reschedule for a later date. This is to ensure you are both as comfortable as possible. Newborn sessions are up to three hours long.

Who chooses décor?

During our scheduling call, I will find out your colour preferences and the style you want for the session. I will also explain how to prepare both you and your baby for the upcoming shoot. I will send out a questionnaire to clarify what colour palette will work best in your home.

What to bring for the day of the shoot?

This part is easy, as many of the items used during sessions are everyday items your baby uses or plays with. For example, your sweetheart’s first teddy, blanket etc, are very welcome at the session and I will try my best to incorporate them in the photos.
Other items include:
– Plenty of nappies
– Bottles and milk (if bottle-fed)
– Dummy/ Pacifier ( I recommend bringing one even if your baby doesn’t generally use them, just in case we can’t calm your baby with other methods. However, don’t worry about it if you’d rather not use one)

What to expect from my newborn baby photography sessions:

Sessions begin at 10 am to ensure the best studio lighting and lasts up to 3 hours per shoot. With newborn photography sessions, not only are you getting a photographer who devotes quality time and energy to each project, but there is plenty of time for feeding, cuddles, nappy changes, as well as changes of props and blankets.

What to wear for the photo shoot?

I keep my studio very warm during sessions so that babies are cosy while naked. I would suggest wearing layers in case you get too hot and where possible, choose pastel-coloured outfits with no pattern. Therefore the main focus isn’t taken away from your baby. Note: I can help with wardrobe choices over the phone.

Six Months plus session information

We will have a general chat either by Facebook, email or phone about your colour preferences and creative needs. Please let me know at this point if you have any requests.

Sessions can last up to 60 minutes. These sessions are a lot more energetic. I never want to force children to smile. I hope to photograph them naturally.
Kids will be kids and they will pull those funny faces but I say let’s embrace them and have some fun! However, if they’re really not happy, don’t panic. Little people are unpredictable, and we can re-schedule at no extra cost. Please feel free to bring a change of outfit for everyone involved and keep outfits simple, solid colours with no logos. Children will be photographed with bare feet, so avoid tights if possible.
I’m happy to take shots with mum and dad too along with siblings, however, this may take extra time so please allow for this.

Any Other Information

I graduated in 2012 with a first class honours degree in Photography. I have trained with some of the world’s best newborn photographers. I am CRB checked and fully insured.

What if my baby or child doesn't cooperate and you don’t get any good pictures?

I use white noise which reminds babies of their time in the womb so this is not generally an issue and helps with settling the baby down. To relax older children I will allow them to play and ease into the session. Although rare, if your baby just doesn’t feel like sleeping or older child does not calm down, we can simply reschedule for another time at no extra cost.